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Black Clover Quartet Knights Full Review

Black Clover Quartet Knights is a video game adaptation of the popular anime and manga series Black Clover, which follows the adventures of Asta, a boy who dreams of becoming the Wizard King in a world where magic is everything. The game was released on September 14, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC, and was developed by Ilinx and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The game features a 4-on-4 team battle mode, where players can choose from different characters from the Black Clover universe, each with their own role and abilities. The roles are Fighter, Healer, Support, and Ranged, and they determine the type of magic and skills that the characters can use. The game also has an original story mode, where players can experience a new adventure with Asta and his friends, as they face a mysterious enemy who has turned their captain Yami into a child.

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The gameplay of Black Clover Quartet Knights is a mix of magic and third-person shooter elements. Players can use their magic sights to target their enemies and unleash powerful spells to inflict damage or support their allies. The game also has a variety of maps and modes to choose from, such as Capture the Flag, Crystal Carry, Zone Control, and Treasure Hunt. The game supports online multiplayer, where players can team up with their friends or other players from around the world to compete in thrilling matches.

Graphics and Sound

The game has a colorful and vibrant graphics style that matches the anime's aesthetic. The character models are well-designed and animated, and the environments are detailed and diverse. The game also has a dynamic camera that follows the action and changes angles depending on the situation. The sound effects and voice acting are also faithful to the anime, with the original Japanese cast reprising their roles. The game also features an original soundtrack composed by Hideyuki Fukasawa, who has worked on other anime-based games such as Street Fighter IV and Fate/Unlimited Codes.


The game received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Some praised the game for its faithful adaptation of the anime's characters and story, as well as its fun and fast-paced gameplay. Others criticized the game for its lack of content and variety, as well as its technical issues and bugs. The game currently has a score of 64% on Metacritic and a user rating of 7.1 out of 10 on Steam.


Black Clover Quartet Knights is a game that will appeal to fans of the anime and manga series, as well as those who enjoy team-based action games. The game offers an original story mode that expands the Black Clover universe, as well as a multiplayer mode that allows players to cooperate or compete with others online. The game also has a charming graphics style and a lively sound design that capture the spirit of the anime. However, the game also suffers from some flaws, such as its limited content and modes, its repetitive gameplay, and its technical problems. Therefore, the game may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who are not familiar with or interested in the Black Clover franchise.

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