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Dark Matters Twisted But True Season 1 720p Torrent

Dark Matters Twisted But True Season 1 720p Torrent

Are you a fan of science, history, and horror? Do you want to watch some of the most bizarre and twisted experiments ever conducted by human beings? If yes, then you might be interested in downloading the torrent of Dark Matters Twisted But True Season 1 in 720p quality.

Dark Matters Twisted But True Season 1 720p Torrent

Dark Matters Twisted But True is a television series featured on the Science Channel. Hosted by actor John Noble of Fringe and Lord of the Rings, the show takes the viewer inside the laboratory to profile strange science and expose some of history's most bizarre experiments. This show uses narration and reenactments to portray the stories in this show.

The first season of Dark Matters Twisted But True consists of six episodes, each featuring three stories of dark and twisted science. Some of the topics covered in this season are:

  • The Philadelphia Experiment: A secret naval project that allegedly attempted to teleport a ship and its crew, with disastrous consequences.

  • Ape-Man Army: A Soviet scientist who tried to create a hybrid of human and ape to serve as super soldiers.

  • Zapped to Death: The rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla over the use of electricity, and Edison's role in the first execution by electric chair.

  • I Have Einstein's Brain: The story of a doctor who stole Albert Einstein's brain after his death, hoping to unlock the secrets of his genius.

  • Unidentified Flying Nazis: The mystery of a UFO crash in Pennsylvania, and its possible connection to Nazi anti-gravity technology.

  • Killer Thoughts: The psychic arms race between the US and the USSR during the Cold War, and the experiments with mind control and telepathy.

  • And many more...

If you want to watch these fascinating and disturbing stories, you can download the torrent of Dark Matters Twisted But True Season 1 in 720p quality from [this link]. The torrent file contains all six episodes in high-definition video format, with English subtitles. The total size of the torrent is 4.2 GB, and it has a good number of seeders and leechers. You will need a torrent client software such as BitTorrent or uTorrent to download the files.

Dark Matters Twisted But True Season 1 is a must-watch for anyone who loves science, history, and horror. It will show you how far some people are willing to go in the name of scientific discovery, and how some experiments can have unintended and horrifying consequences. Download the torrent today and enjoy this thrilling and chilling series!

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