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Fusus Al Hikam Urdu Pdf Download ~REPACK~

in the introduction to the naba nama, we are told that he went to mecca in 1230 and had forty five meetings with the prophet in all of which he was granted prophetic power. the naba nama is one of the most important books of the sufi tradition and was compiled during the 14th century by ataul-allah rumi and abu al-qasim al-husain ibn muhammad nab. a note explaining the sources of the work which are given in the bibliography on pages 38-42 below.

fusus al hikam urdu pdf download

the book is divided into three sections: the first is about the external and internal aspects of tasawwuf (sufi mysticism). the second is about the philosophy and psychology of sufism, while the last deals with the logic of the khiyal (doctrine of sufi).

this book is rare and valuable today. although the exposition has not been in a chronological way, but it is a valuable contribution for any teacher of sufism. dr. haq noor has written this book for the benefit of muslims around the world and especially for a few muslim countries which lack this important information.

the book fusoos-ul-hikam is written by ahmed rizvi and it is the result of a great efforts by him. he has edited and published this book which contains al-tasawwuf after completing his phd from the university of heidelberg. this book was published almost on the same year (1971) in which he obtained his phd from heidelberg. he has edited from ten to fifteen volumes of "tasavvuf" and published about 12000 copies of "doha" (doha has been printed up to 40 times during the last years by publishing house).

ahmed rizvi is an important researcher of fusoos-ul-hikam and also he wrote tareekh fusoos-ul-hikam urdu which is a supplement to fusoos-ul-hikam which has a note about biographies of the sufi masters. he has been translator and editor of many important works of fusoos-ul-hikam in urdu.

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