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Buy 3m Vhb Tape

There are many double-sided tapes on the market, but which is the strongest double-sided tape and which is the best for industrial uses? With its endurance in extreme conditions and its versatility in bonding many different kinds of substrates, 3M VHB is one of the best double-sided tapes in use today.

buy 3m vhb tape

As a 3M Select Converter, Coast Label can manufacture 3M VHB in any form you need. From rolls of 3M VHB to precisely-cut shapes, we can get the exact product you need. Read on to learn more about one of the strongest double-sided tapes, 3M VHB.

When trying to find the best double-sided tape, you might wonder how Gorilla Tape stacks up against 3M VHB. Like VHB, Gorilla tape has adhesive on both sides so that it can be used to bond two different objects. Gorilla tape can be used both indoors and outdoors on wood, glass, brick, ceramic, stone, and some plastics.

When we say that 3M VHB tape can be used to replace almost any kind of fastener, we mean it. As one of the strongest double-sided tapes, VHB is incredibly versatile as well as durable. With no need to drill holes, weld joints, or handle messy glue, 3M VHB makes construction and repairs so much easier. Here are just some of the many uses of 3M VHB tape across several different industries:

VHB can be stored at between 40F and 100F and a relative humidity of 0-95%, but the optimal conditions to store 3M VHB are at 72F with 50% humidity. This will ensure the integrity of the tape remains intact. 3M warrants the tape for 24 months from the date of manufacture and suggests using it before the 24 months is up. According to 3M, however, the tape will likely still perform as expected even after the expiration date.

As a 3M Select Converter, we can custom convert 3M VHB to your specific projects. Whether you need custom shapes or different adhesives on each side of the tape, we can engineer VHB to your unique needs. Our specially trained application specialists will work with you at every step of the process to ensure you get exactly what you need. Contact Coast Label today for a free proposal!

3M VHB Tapes are made with acrylic foam which is viscoelastic in nature. This gives the foam energy absorbing and stress relaxing properties which provides these tapes with their unique characteristics. The acrylic chemistry provides outstanding durability performance. 3M VHB Tapes provide the convenience and simplicity of a tape fastener.

With its headquarters located in Lawrence, PA, Tom Brown, Inc. is a fully integrated converter and manufacturer of specialty tapes and gasket materials and a distributor of specialty construction products under the BK Brown Construction Products.

3M VHB Tape provides the convenience and simplicity of a tape fastener and are ideal for use in many interior and exterior structural bonding applications. In many situations, they can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners. These VHB tapes are made with acrylic foam which is viscoelastic in nature. This gives the foam energy absorbing and stress relaxing properties which provides these tapes with their unique characteristics. The acrylic chemistry provides outstanding durability performance. The tapes have excellent durability and excellent solvent and moisture resistance.

3M 4905 VHB Tape is excellent for applications where an aggressive double-sided clear or colorless tape is desired. The general purpose adhesive on both sides is suitable for high surface energy substrates including metal, glass and high surface energy plastics. Application ideas include sealing between inner and outer dome of skylights, attaching handles to sliding glass doors, mounting back lit translucent signs and edge bonding resin filled glass.

3M 5952 Heavy Duty Mounting VHB Tape is black, double-coated VHB adhesive tape with an acrylic foam core. A modified acrylic adhesive is on both sides of very conformable foam which provides adhesion to the broadest range of substrates/surfaces, including most powder coated paints. Comes on a red film release liner. Recommended to use 4 square inches of 5952 VHB tape for every 1 pound of load; although rough surfaces may require additional tape.

Automotive Attachment Tape is a .090-inch (90 mil) thick medium-density gray acrylic foam tape with high performance acrylic adhesives on both sides and a red release liner. The tape uses automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved acrylic foam core and adhesive technology. 3M 6394 is characterized by high peel and shear adhesion, high internal strength, high conformability and excellent plasticizer resistance. Designed for reliable attachment of a wide variety of automotive exterior and interior trim on cars including running boards, ground effects, claddings, rocker panel moldings, spoilers, wheel flares, bumper trim and other larger or heavier automotive trim components

The versatile 3M VHB RP45 double-sided tape, measuring 19mm in width and 5m in length and is suitable for a wide range of applications. This high-performance tape is ideal for automotive, construction, and industrial use due to its excellent bonding strength and durability. If you are looking to buy 3M double sided tape in Malaysia, you came to the right place. Our straightforward website lets you easily browse and purchase the required tape. Furthermore, we provide quick and dependable shipping to ensure your orders arrive on time. 041b061a72

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