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One additional rule that is less about content than form is that a boat name cannot be more than 33 characters in length. So you can potentially use short phrases but sentences and full quotes are almost always too long.


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This year's boat names honored language, love, family, and tradition. They paid homage to your furry first mates, appeased the gods, helped you ditch work, boasted about your successes, and were downright naughty. Thank you to everyone who submitted! Below you'll find our winners circle and more detail on the stories behind the names further down.

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Giving your boat a thoughtful name is a critical task, as this legacy will live on even if you decide to pass your boat down to your children or sell it in the future. Sailors have been naming their boats for thousands of years to attract good fortune and luck on the open seas. While the tradition began by naming ships after saints, gods, and goddesses, today, boat owners name their vessels after whatever speaks to them or something to make themselves, friends, family, and others on the water chuckle. Fun and witty boat names can be found printed on countless watercrafts all around the nation. So, to get your own wheels (or propellers) spinning, our creative team here at NBOA is sharing their 50 favorite humorous and crafty boat names.

Any boat can gracefully carry a creative nautical-themed name. This kind of name is ideal for any sailor or boat captain with a gleeful sense of humor. Of course, anyone who enjoys the water and boating as much as you do will surely need no explanation to understand the brilliance and wit behind a name like one of these.

If you love to fish or are purchasing a new fishing boat, why not select a name that encapsulates or expresses your passion for this hobby. Although this sport can require calm, silence, and patience, the name for your fishing boat can certainly add levity like the ones below.

Boats are a wonderful escape from mundane day-to-day life and can serve as a mini-vacation each time you climb aboard. To leave your woes behind, naming your boat something a little more adult or appealing to the 21 and over the crowd, take a look at some silly adult humor names.

For more suggestions and guidance when purchasing a boat, talk to the experts here at NBOA. When it comes to making sure your new beautiful investment is properly funded and insured, take a look at our resources for securing affordable marine financing and boat insurance with ideal coverage to fit your lifestyle.

If you are just registering your boat in your state, the same boat names can be used many times. Australian registered vessels on the other hand, have to apply for the name, and there can only be one with that name. You can get around this by adding II, etc. at the end of the name when you register it.

Your choice should be one that feels the most comfortable. Make a shortlist, sleep on it and sound out your options to friends and family before making a final decision. Naming your boat requires a degree of imagination as well as consideration about what you intend to do on and with your boat.

Throughout history, naming your boat after a partner or child has always been a popular practice. Particularly when using a female name. You could stick to the tradition or combine two names to create something new and unique. For example:

For centuries feminine names have been chosen for boats. Traditional wooden ships were adorned with elaborately carved and painted female figureheads, believing that these statues of nude or semi-nude women would calm the rough seas. Feeling a bit superstitious or are you a fan of history and traditions?

You could think of a gemstone in the colour of your hull. Green boat? Call it EMERALD. Or you could pick the birthstone that is associated with your own birthday or with the day your boat will be launched.

Over the centuries, the gods and goddesses of mythology have been used as names for vessels. Before the days of GPS, sailors used the heavens to navigate, and some still do today. Stars, celestial bodies, signs of the Zodiac, constellations, and galaxies make effective Boat Names for new owners. Also, you could use your own star sign or the signs that are associated with the launch date of your boat. Or you could name it after a god to suit the style of your boat.

You could select a name from the relevant ethnic background of your location, such as using the indigenous name of your homeport rather than the English version. Does your homeport have an indigenous name? Use that instead of the English version. Or translate a word associated with your boat into the indigenous language of your homeport. For example:

For obvious reasons, typical trimaran names come with referral to a trio in one form or another. Another popular way of forming trimaran names is to use bird references. To make it a bit more original, think about using the key features of a trimaran (fast, exciting, light) to create a name through puns and sayings.

Do you just want to make people laugh as they walk by your boat? Then the funny boat name is for you! Create clever puns by merging nautical, fishing and lifestyle-related terms to come up with a unique name to suit you as well as your boat and send people on their way a little happier. Pier Pressure is seen quite often. Here are some of the funniest ever, including funny names for bass boats

Would you like to add your boat name to your SeaDek kit? Your name will appear in 1 location. We are limited in the font choices to ones listed below. Please note you will need to already have a SeaDek kit on your existing Docktail table or be purchasing a new SeaDek kit for a table to use your custom name on. Purchasing this product is for the custom name area only, and does not include a full SeaDek kit. You will need to purchase that in conjunction with this product.

During checkout there is a "notes" field where you can input your boat name. You can also use the Contact Us page on the website to email us or email us directly at Include your order number in the email if you can.

Funky Monkey Boat Names are Europe's leading supplier of high quality, self adhesive vinyl boat lettering and boat graphics for yachts, motorboats, canal boats, racing dinghies, power boats, fishing boats, commercial vessels, canoes, PWC's kayaks, rowing boats, narrow boats, tenders and RIBs.

At Funky Monkey Boat Names we understand how important it is to get the name on your boat looking just right. Using our unique fully interactive, easy to use boat name designer, creating and ordering online your own personal look, in a fun, enjoyable way, couldn't be easier.

Whenever we believe we have seen every variation of name at the Yacht Management marina in Fort Lauderdale, a boat comes a long and proves us wrong. With that in mind, we wanted to discuss boat naming traditions, rules, and superstitions once and for all.

Boat naming tradition was strict in the past. Boats should only bare the name of important female figures or woman who are important to the captain. Things have loosened up since those days. Funny boat names and meaningful boat names depend on the person. We like to think of boat names like tattoos.

Relaxation takes new meaning once you experience a quiet breezy afternoon basking in the gentle rays of sunlight, on a smooth sailing white boat in the middle of nowhere. You'll be hooked before you know it, left with no choice but to buy your own boat.

Seth said he enjoys skippering the boat and a crew of three in the Blackwater Yacht Racing Association fleet races, while Judie prefers more relaxing long runs toward the dam and back, especially when grandchildren Jennifer, 10, and Zachary, 15, are aboard.

The boat's moniker began as an exclamation. During Seth and Judie's first cruise as owners, a fresh breeze grabbed the boat's huge foresail, causing a sudden heel-over that nearly buried the starboard rail.

"That was pretty alarming," said Judie, who was still a fairly inexperienced sailor at the time. A few months later, Judie opened the bill for the boat's first haul-out and bottom painting. "Now that's really alarming," she exclaimed.

"I liked the name the former owner had given this boat but didn't know its origin until the last BYRA regatta of 2009," Udo said. "We had a great wind and managed to get the boat up on plane. After the race, other crews related that they had heard distinct 'rattle and hum' sounds as the Antrim blew by."

The Gietls had their selection of a fairly remote retirement destination validated by an envious urbanite, a former Rattle & Hum crew member hired to trailer the boat to Southwest Virginia. His first words after driving cross-country and finally locating the Gietl's lake home: "What, are you hiding from the CIA?"

Thinking about naming your boat? You've come to the right place. We specialize in adhesive backed boat name decals you can customize online. Once you create your design we ship to you and you can install yourself!

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When it comes down to boat names, it's not all that uncommon to come across a vessel with letters before its name. Though these can seem random at first glance, each of these prefixes actually has a specific meaning attached to it. They serve as an additional indicator of what the purpose of a vessel is for easy identification.

In these cases, the boat's full name likely has the extended version of its purpose in its title, but the abbreviated prefixes often end up on the hull for convenience. These abbreviations also see use in everyday speech as well. In some cases, a prefix or designation may apply to a boat, but it doesn't see a use for that ship's name at all. 041b061a72

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