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Stunt Truck Jumping: How to Jump from One Moving Truck to Another

The game's goal is to take charge of a truck on steep ramps and make death-defying jumps. The truck is equipped with performance boosters that allow it to reach astounding speeds, soar through the air, and perform other jaw-dropping stunts.

All you need to do is control a truck on steep slopes and make jumps. The game's physics makes the jumps and crashes look real. You will feel like you are in the truck, experiencing every bone-crushing impact.

stunt truck jumping

You can find yourself in busy city streets, beaches, and mountains. When undertaking these stunts on a busy street, the maneuvers become trickier as you need to be more careful not to hit any cars or buildings.

Some trucks are better suited for jumps, while others are faster and more agile. Choose the right truck for the task at hand, and you will be one step closer to becoming the ultimate stunt truck driver.

People enjoy watching large buses and trucks drive around. People also like watching huge trucks collide with each other. This happens because of the fires created when the vehicles collide. In order to unlock a new vehicle, players must purchase the corresponding amount. Alternatively, they can upgrade vehicles that they already own. This process involves a diverse system of vehicle upgrades that will keep players engaged. When it comes to increasing sabotage and speed, the best results come from upgrading possessed vehicles.

Stunt Truck Jumping provides Android game players with a completely immersive experience when working on their stunt vehicles. With many awesome jumps that happen in various locations and scenarios, this game makes sure players are always focused on their stunt truck adventures. Players work toward massive obstacles and escalating challenges by employing ramps featuring unique challenges.

The game has been designed around crashes and destructive runs with your powered trucks. Feel free to run into obstacles and objects being placed on your way; the game is built around this. You can also flip or perform downhill falls to collect bonuses. The game's realistic physics and in-game animations will have you completely engaged with the game.

Gamers on Android devices can now use many different types of monster trucks and 18-wheelers in the game. Each has a realistic in-game physics and a unique build. When used correctly, these vehicles can provide different driving experiences depending on their weight and speed. Cars in the collection come even close to matching Ramp Car Jumping and Big Rig Racing. You can choose the best option for your specific car ride and fear less about collisions or long distances.

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The performance of spectacular jumps with high powerful motorcycles is the best thing for us when we was a kid, even when we grown up. So have you ever seen a big truck jump? If so, you might want to witness them in this Stunt Truck Jumping game.

With the aim of making players enjoy and entertained after every hour of work. This game is designed to be very violent from a certain perspective but does not promote anything related. Players will control their trucks on very high hills and begin to run down at full speed. But players need to be very careful while controlling, if the player accidentally made a mistake, the speed will be reduced dramatically and the achievement will be significantly reduced. When the player controls the vehicle off the road, it will fly into the sky with great altitude. In the air, players need to control the vehicle in a certain direction to avoid being prevented by the wind. That means that when the vehicle looks at a good angle, the speed will not decrease and the distance will fall further.

In this game, the vehicles will mostly be large trucks, even buses will appear. Everyone loves trucks, right? And once they start colliding, the fire will become very monumental and impressive. There are many different types of vehicles for players to use, and if the player wants to unlock a new car, they have to spend the corresponding amount. But instead of buying new cars, they can upgrade possessed cars. With a diverse upgrade system, ensuring the player will become more interested when the speed is increased and the level of sabotage will be improved.

Turning: While shorter in wheelbase than the other trucks in the ARRMA 1/8th line-up, it is easy to take those corners. Too much throttle and the front wheels will lift off the ground, which makes a cool stunt turn on loose surface, because it starts wheelieing while drifting. Being a stunt truck, the Notorious is not made for racing, even though it is really fast. It gives you a ton of fun doing all sorts of unusual tricks.

Bumps/Whoops: The short wheelbase combined with huge power on the Notorious can cause things to get crazy when hitting rough sections at high speeds. It needs a little more sensitivity on trigger inputs than longer trucks, but still does a good job on soaking up the bumps.

Broken Parts: The Notorious is becoming well known for its durability. We did not manage to break it when doing normal bashing, but it even held up like a champ when we went crazy with it. Hitting curbs at high speed, jumping into a pile of bricks, jumping off of a three story building would not destroy anything. Even the body held up very well and looked so cool with all its scratches.

Yes, everyone was a little disappointed after the teaser that there was not an entirely new vehicle. But ARRMA made an already outstanding stuck truck even better. The BSRC crew recently had a chance to talk to the team behind all the development at ARRMA, they are very proud of the new truck, and hinted that some big stuff may be on the way!

Time To Bash: B We had no problems getting our truck up and going quickly. Four batteries into the transmitter and a freshly charged big LiPo into the Notorious and you are ready to bash the heck out of it.

Car Show Rating: A+ The Notorious is a real beauty. In fact, it looks so hardcore that we did not even dare to put any additional stickers on the body. The ARRMA designers really went out of their way to make this one a stunner. The old school look along with the unique feature of a truly scratchable body make it outstanding. Talk about scale looks in a monster truck, the Notorious has it all. No kindergarten graphics just a real metallic color that gets scratched off when shredding on asphalt to leave some real looking scars in your paint job. AWESOME!

What do you get when a stuntman solves crimes and go after fugitives using a rigged pickup truck? That's right, The Fall Guy. The 1980s TV Series, which my uncles told me about, featured actors Lee Majors, a GMC pickup truck, and a number of stunts that should trigger Van Halen's Jump.

The Fall Guy hit the tube from 1981 to 1986, totaling to 133 episodes in its five seasons. However, for those who were able to catch the TV series, can you remember how many jumps were made by the GMC pickup truck? We bet you don't but if you're curious or you just want to relive the glory days of the hit TV show, here's a 5-minute video that shows all the jumps that the truck completed.

As awesome as the jumps themselves, there's a tiny bit of secret embedded within the GMC pickup truck. According to BangShift, the early years of The Fall Guy used stock GMC trucks for the production. These trucks were bought from GM. Since there were no special effects and computer graphics to recreate stunts back then, the jumps were real, which in turn beat the truck to pieces, increasing the production cost.

To save money on cost, the production decided to customize certain pickup trucks so that they could withstand the abuse of the stunts. The customization includes amped-up dual shock suspension, braced axles, and some additional safety measures for the stunt driver. Even better, the engine has been relocated in the middle of the truck (yes, inside the cabin) so that the jumps would be straight instead of the truck nose-diving towards the Earth.

The BoomBit Games studio has a wide range of games as crazy as addictive. Now, the studio expands its collection of wacky games with this title, where our mission is to make a truck fly as far as possible and do lots of tricks.

Stunt Truck Jumping is a unique racing and stunts car game with detailed 3D graphics. Our mission is to drive a truck, make it speed up, and send it flying away as far as possible.

Stunt Truck Jumping (com.boomhits.truckjump) is a game mod apk on Android, download the latest version of Stunt Truck Jumping Hack Mod (Unlimited Money / Gems) 2022 for Android. This game mod apk can be played for free and does not require root.

Stunt Truck Jumping MOD APK (Unlimited Money / Gems) APK + OBB 2022 can be downloaded and installed on your android device with android version 4.1 or higher. Download this game mod apk using your favorite browser and click install to install the game mod apk. Downloading (com.boomhits.truckjump) APK + DATA of Stunt Truck Jumping (Unlimited Money / Gems) from is easier and faster.

Stunt Truck Jumping is an entertaining and relaxed project in which all the conditions are far from realistic and the restrictions due to the laws of physics. Players will have the role of drivers who drive trucks, special equipment, and other heavy and powerful models. In front of them, a long descent on the steep slopes, then a dizzying jump to the finish line. We must try to achieve it or organize the most spectacular disaster. Good graphics, a variety of landscapes and conditions, vehicle models and much more will delight all fans of unrestrained pleasure.

Have you ever wanted to see a huge and imposing truck in awe-inspiring crashes? Stunt Truck Jumping has you covered!In the game you will:- Control a truck on a steep slope- Make huge jumps- Crash and cause destruction- Get upgrades that will make you better and betterStunt Truck Jumping is a jaw-dropping game of constant thrills! If you like cars, excitement and fun you will surely find something to like here.

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