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Instagram Facebook Contest App

This giveaway tool does not require you to enter all the names individually to choose a winner for your competition or contest. We need your Facebook login to be able to get all the comments of a single post from the Facebook API. Unfortunately, we can't always get all comments for every post due to privacy settings.

Instagram Facebook Contest App


An Instagram contest or giveaway is a marketing campaign that encourages your followers to interact with your account in order to win a prize. The goal is to gain more followers and grow your brand exposure.

Most of these campaigns involve some kind of creative challenge, like a photo or video contest. Other challenges are easier to complete, like tagging friends in an Instagram post. Whatever way you choose to run your giveaway, one (or multiple) winners will receive a prize.

An independent study by Tailwind Instagram Scheduler found that hosting a contest or giveaway can help you grow your profile 70% faster in 3 months. This growth can make an enormous difference in a competitive market.

You may have seen Instagram giveaways while scrolling through your feed. Major brands regularly run Instagram giveaway contests to help launch new products or to enhance their online image.

Successive contests: Multiple days of smaller giveaways, leading up to a grand finale giveaway. This helps to build momentum for your campaign, perfect for small businesses that need to quickly get more followers.

Pick a theme: The most interesting Instagram giveaways always have a theme. Pick something that's short and trendy (easy to create hashtags for) and relevant to what your business does. Holiday-themed contests are always a hit, too!

Build hype on your account: Surprise contests often work for big-name brands, but if this is your first Instagram giveaway, it's best to build up some hype in the days before the contest starts so your followers know it's coming.

Know how you'll pick a winner: Are you going to pick a random winner, have your followers vote, or use an algorithm? Whatever type of contest you decide to run, make sure you know exactly how you are going to pick the winner (or winners) before you get started.

Choose a prize people will want: If you want people to participate in your contest, you have to choose a prize that will excite and motivate them. A week of your services for free, a piece of apparel, a sample of your products, etc. Think of something your followers will really want.

SweepWidget makes it easy to run viral/refer-a-friend contests, social media growth contests, leaderboard competitions, and instant coupon giveaways. They are the perfect tool to grow your social media followers/likes/shares, email signups, customer leads, and brand awareness.

SweepWidget offers a free plan for unlimited use. Upgraded plans start at an affordable $29 per month and will provide you with everything you need for Instagram contests, all other social media contests, email API integrations, and much more.

Woorise is an all-in-one tool that lets you create and run contests on your website and on Instagram. In contrast tools that use templates, Woorise offers a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to make your giveaway unique. Create forms, landing page, and widgets all in one place, then monitor your contest and watch the leads come in.

This app allows you to easily create your contests and track them in real-time. You can see how successful your campaign is by tracking each action a user takes. For example, if someone makes it halfway through a quiz then decides to quit, you'll get a notification.

This live tracking allows you to improve and continue to grow with each Instagram giveaway or contest you run. On top of that, Gleam offers other marketing and referral tools to run every aspect of your online marketing strategy.

This is the perfect tool for someone who needs help with their digital marketing campaigns and email marketing but can't afford to hire a marketing agency. You'll be able to create landing pages, automate your contests and giveaways, and generate more leads. Wishpond also works well with Facebook and Pinterest and integrates with most major email marketing tools and CRMs.

Choose your template, personalize your landing page and widgets, and run the contest. Select your winners from the contest entries and deliver their rewards. The software makes it easy to monitor your contest, even if you don't have any staff to help you.

Whether we're checking with Twitter to confirm that your contestant is following you, or sending newsletter subscribers directly to your MailChimp list, we connect seamlessly with WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and multiple email providers including MailChimp.

Not seeing the connection you're looking for? Try our integration to Zapier and connect with countless services such as Survey Monkey or gain more leads in SalesForce. You can also email us at to have your entry method or contest custom built just for you.

Rewards Fuel will help you achieve more marketing goals in less time by offering contestants a variety of ways to enter. Running a contest directly on Facebook or Instagram leaves a lot on the table in regards to participation, verification and measurement. With Rewards Fuel you can choose from over 34 different entry methods (or actions) when creating your contest, like asking your contestants to follow you on Instagram or Twitter to enter, upload a file to enter, subscribe to your newsletter or YouTube channel, visit your Etsy shop, review your Shopify page, download your app to win and more. With Rewards Fuel Your contests are easily customizable, so you can get creative. Plus you'll receive detailed contest statistics that you can print or email, target and block locations from entering, award digital and physical prizes and more.

You can embed your contest into your website, or use our hosted contest page. We've made a contest plugin for WordPress, Shopify and created JavaScript so that adding a contest to your website is as easy as adding a YouTube video.

Creating a contest takes only a few minutes and gives you lots of options to get creative; you can add videos, gifs, multiple images, and change fonts and colours to match your brand. No website? No problem! Simply use one of our hosted contest sites at no extra cost, eg:

You can count on us. ShortStack boasts a 99.99% uptime, giving you peace of mind that your contests will be accessible when you need them to be. Your data is stored on AWS servers housed in facilities that meet or exceed ISO 9000 standards.

After that, you can open instagram and facebook apps by using instagram:// and fb://. Here is a complete code for instagram and you can do the same for facebook, you can link this code to any button you have as an Action:

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