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Buy Hp 564 Ink Cartridges

I just bought my HP Photosmart B209A last month. I ran out of black ink. No problem ... I need a black 564 cartridge. So, I went to my local Walmart and bought one. Got it home and could not install it. The package says HP564 Photosmart, so I think I bought the right one. but no! Of course this is after I opened it and can not return it. Thanks, now I am out $10.00 all because HP can not label there products correctly. Why are there 2 types of 564 black cartridges? Yeah, I know (now) that one is for photos and one is for regular printing and some model printers use both. But my new B209A only uses the large pentagon style. No 564a or 564b or maybe a different number. No other designation unless you take the time to look under the 546 and see the little "photo black". Who would know, there is nothing in the manual that states the difference. it clearly states that this printer takes cartridge 564.

buy hp 564 ink cartridges


The 564 Photo Black cartridge is used by the high-end Photosmart Premium printers, like the Photosmart Premium C309a, C309g and C309n. The B209a implements only the black cartridge and not the photo black cartridge. But both of them use the same printing mechanism, thus the same cartridges. This is not just the case with HP. Other inkjet printer manufacturers like Canon and Epson too has 2 cartridges for the same color. I guess you'll call them stupid, and overlook all other inkjet printer manufacturers too? As a buyer, you need to know how to differentiate between different ink cartridges. If you failed to do so, then don't blame it on anyone else. Blame yourself since you failed to read the correct color name on the cartridge package.

1. You definitely must have received the Reference Guide with the printer. It ships in the box. And the cartridges that your printer uses is mentioned in the 1st page.2. On the HP Official Store (, under the Cartridges Section of the printer, all the compatible cartridges are listed. Click on each one of them will show you the cartridge itself, and the part number below the cartridge name.3. The HP Sure Supply page, which shows the compatible cartridges and their resp. part numbers. (search for "B209" printer)4. The Shop for HP Supplies program that is usually installed along with the printer software will show you the compatible cartridges for your printer.

I am really concerned by the labeling of the cartridges for the CD035A (B209A). When I go to the HP store and enter the printer I have, one of the options that comes up is HP 564 Series Photo Value Pack which includes the wrong type of 564 cartridge. Also, HP only provides a sticker that says the printer uses 564 cartridges. This implies that all 564 cartridges will work, which is not true. Best Buy doesn't even carry the correct standard sized 564 Black for my printer and would have to be forced to buy the XL version.

I also purchased the HP Photosmart Plus printer and attempted to replace the black cartridge with an HP564, only to discover it is not the "correct" HP546 cartridge. For HP to claim that it was my fault for not reading the manual is a total lack of competence and integrity on HP's part. What, HP ran out of numbers to label their cartridges! "Well Epson and Canon have done the same thing" BULL **bleep**. If the printer requires a distinct cartridge, come up with a distinct part number. Its not that difficult and engineering problem.

I had the same problem. I have to agree with the others who've written in. One would think that when the printer's info under the cover simply says, HP ink cartridge 564 that if you get ANY 564 cartridge you'll be getting what fits in the printer. I, too, bought a multipack (from Sam's Club) that simply noted it was 564xl cartridges. Color and black included. Who'd know that the color cartridges would fit fine but not the black?? Just doesn't make a lot of sense. So I, too, am out some money because HP didn't specify WHICH black cartridges would/would not work. If there was only ONE person who'd encountered the problem maybe you could blame it on the lone individual, but when others also have the same issue maybe it's time for HP to re-evaluate their labeling. Respectfully suggested.

There are two types of printers on the market today, inkjet printers and laser printers. Inkjet printers use cartridges like the HP 564XL High Yield Original Ink Photo Cartridges, and these cartridges have tiny nozzles that spray droplets of ink onto paper or other substrates. These types of printers are the most popular today and are simple and easy to operate.

The HP 564XL High Yield Original Ink Photo Cartridges are considered to be high yield. This means that each individual one carries more ink than the standard cartridge, and as such, they can print more pages which results in less downtime and more effective cost savings. Also, because this is an HP 564 ink combo pack, you won't need to put the HP 564 black ink cartridge or the color HP 564XL ink cartridges separately.

Ink Genie is a family business that started many years ago by selling a wide variety of office supplies and has evolved into a concentrated seller of genuine ink and toner cartridges at discounted prices. Our business focus has been and always will be Service, Satisfaction and Savings. We offer savings vs. traditional sales outlets with all the protections you would require as a buyer. We try our best to have everything our customers need in stock, but if not, we can satisfy the need quickly and at good pricing.

The Genuine HP 564 Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Original Ink Cartridges, 3 pack (N9H57FN) yields up to 300 pages per cartridge at a 5% page coverage. Buying genuine name brand cartridges from InkGenie allows you to print quality, sharp images and text at a discounted price along with superior service. These cartridges are compatible with the following printer models : HP DeskJet 3521 e-All-in-One, HP DeskJet 3522 e-All-in-One, HP OfficeJet 4620 e-All-in-One, HP OfficeJet 4622 e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart 5510 e-All-in-One - B111a, HP PhotoSmart 5514 e-All-in-One - B111h, HP PhotoSmart 5515, HP PhotoSmart 5520 e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart 5525 e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart 6512 e-All-in-One - B211a, HP PhotoSmart 6515 e-All-in-One - B211a, HP PhotoSmart 6520 e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart 6525 e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart 7510 e-All-in-One - C311a, HP PhotoSmart 7515 e-A, HP PhotoSmart 7520 e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart 7525 e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart C6340, HP PhotoSmart C6350, HP PhotoSmart eStation e-All-in-One - C510, HP PhotoSmart Plus B209a e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart Plus B210a e-All-in-One, HP PhotoSmart Plus B210e e-All-in-One, PhotoSma, HP PhotoSmart Premium All-in-One - C310a, HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax All-in-One - C410a, HP PhotoSmart Premium Touchsmart Web All-in-One - C309n,HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax All-in-One - C410a,HP PhotoSmart B8550, HP PhotoSmart D7560

If the item(s) is returned after the 30 days return policy expires and in the same condition as it was shipped a restocking fee of 20% will be deducted from the refund. Expired ink cartridges can not be returned.

Ink Genie's outstanding return policy covers defects for the life of the print cartridge. All ink cartridges must be returned with the original box and all dates on ink cartridge must match our shipping records for a refund.

The cartridges come with permanent chips. Although accurate ink levels will not be displayed by the printer, the printer will also not interrupt your printing with "ink low" messages. The cartridges are transparent, so you can refill whenever you see that a cartridge needs it, at your full convenience.

*NOTE* The cartridges are provided empty. In order to use them, you will also need to purchase an InkOwl inkjet refill kit compatible with these cartridges. It is essential that you use an ink specifically formulated to work in HP printers. You can find them using our search engine.

Try our remanufactured HP 564 ink cartridge bundle. It contains (6) HP 564XL ink cartridges, including 2 black CN684WN, 1 photo black CB322WN, 1 cyan CB323WN, 1 magenta CB324WN, and 1 yellow CB325WN. Our remanufactured HP 564 ink cartridges cost 50% less than name brand replacements and are 100% guaranteed to work just as well! Get started by adding our HP 564 bundle to your cart today.

Our high quality replacement ink will exceed your expectations in terms of print quality and longevity. Sacrifice nothing by making the switch to recycled ink cartridges, and save yourself up to 50% and the headache of having to drive to a store to make the purchase. Add our HP 564XL ink cartridge bundle to your cart today to start saving and experience the difference.

Detailed product development protocols are followed to ensure proper page-yield and reliable performance. Precision engineering and top-grade materials make this remanufactured HP ink cartridge dependable and economical. We perform a series of tests to confirm the compatibility and quality of our HP 564 ink cartridges, ensuring the products you receive are free of any defects. Our remanufactured cartridges use the original HP casings, providing a simple and straightforward installation process.

Remanufactured cartridges, including the HP 564 black ink cartridge, are generally cheaper than original printer ink brands because they use recycled cartridges, thus saving on the cost of raw material. The remanufacturing process consists of collecting empty ink cartridges that otherwise would end up in landfills, and inspecting them thoroughly to make sure they could be refurbished. They are then professionally cleaned and rebuilt with new and remanufactured components. Typically over 90% of a remanufactured ink cartridge consists of new material. Each cartridge is tested for quality and performance before packaging. 041b061a72

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